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Charlie seen in front of his Brothel smoking a cigar.


Charlie Altamont (also known under the alias Wolf J. Flywheel) was Captain Spaulding's adoptive brother. He was also a pimp that runs and operated a make shift town.

Charlie had run a brothel and strip club and was a pimp by profession, and he also was revealed by Rob Zombie as a "cokehead." To emphasize his style as a pimp, he was given a large amount of valuable and suggestive paraphernalia; it was not on camera, but in a scene where he was sharing his cocaine with Cutter, he had a necklace that was a cocaine spoon in the shape of a naked woman.

In The Devil's Rejects, when the Firefly family are on the run from the police, they come to Charlie for refuge. But when Sheriff Wydell tracks him down, Charlie is pressured to give his family up without question or else he would see trouble.

Charlie returns later in one last moment of redemption to save his family, but Wydell kills him with an axe.


Charlie's death.

He is portrayed by Ken Foree.