Denise was Jerry Goldsmith's girlfriend. She and her friends were on their way to find Deadwood, when they stopped to pick up a hitchhiker named Baby Firefly. They took her to her home, and were invited inside, due to the loss of a tire( when what really happend was that Baby's brother Rufus T. Firefly had shot their tire with a shotgun.) Denise was upset when Baby flirted with Jerry during the Halloween performence. She left the house with her friends, but Otis  takes them back to their home. Denise is dressed up like a doll and chained to Tiny's bed. Tiny lets her go, but Otis throws her into a fenced off section of the basement with other captives, who attack Denise. Denise's father Don Willis goes to find Denise, but Otis and Mother Firefly kill him and two police officers at the Firefly home. To terroize Denise, Otis skins Don, and wears the skin as a costume. Denise, Mary and Jerry are put into Dr. Satan's catacombs, but Mary runs away only to be killed by Baby. Denise is forced to wander the catacombs after Jerry is taken away by Dr. Satan's minions. She makes her way to the lab, but Earl Firefly (The Professor) chases her. The professor miswings at Denise and causes the mine to cave in on him. Denise manages to hitch a ride with Captain Spaulding, and passes out. Otis appears with a knife in the backseat. Denise wakes up when Dr.Satan is operating on her, and the movie ends.