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Gerry Ober talking to Baby and Rufus when they purchase alcohol for the Halloween Ritual. On his name tag, it is read as "GOober."

Gerry Ober is a rather ample man and an employee of Red Hot Pussy Liquors, an establishment that specializes in purchase of pornography, magazines and alcoholic beverages.

Baby and Rufus purchase an expensive case of alcohol from Gerry. It is also then brought up to attention of his name tag, which reads "GoOber." Baby refers to him after catching the name on the tag as this nickname. According to Gerry, the newest employee at the store, Ronald, added the extra "o" onto his tag before calling him a "fuckin' asshole." This leads to speculation that Gerry doesn't particularly care too much for Ronald after vandalizing his tag.

Memorable Quotes[]

  • "Yeah, I like to get fucked up too. And do some fucked up shit."
  • "Actually its G. Ober for Gerry Ober. But the new guy, Ronald, in the back he drew in that other "o" and made "Goober." Fuckin' asshole."
  • "Well the damage is quite severe, $185.00."
  • "You all drive safe, thanks for coming into Red Hot Pussy Liquors."