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Jerry shortly before stopping at Captain Spaulding's Museum of Monsters and Madmen.

Jerry was the 'leader' of the group of unlucky friends that stumbled upon The Firefly Family. He had an apparent obsession with serial killers and related popular culture. He was the joker of the group, making remarks, scaring the girls and later on laughing at Grandpa Hugo's crude jokes.

Upon learning about the legend of Dr. Satan from Captain Spaulding on his Murder Ride, he sought out with his friends to find the Tree where he was hung.

Along the way, he suggested picking up a hitchhiker, Baby, who unbeknownst to him was a ploy that lead the friends to her murderous family for their purposes.

Jerry was tortured by Baby, who violently scalped him before removing all of his hair after he incorrectly guessed her favorite actress.

He was assumed to be killed by Dr. Satan at the end of the film during an experimentation.

In the Devil's Rejects, his picture was shown at the beginning of the film as a missing person.