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Rufus in armor before the Police Shootout at the beginning of The Devil's Rejects.

Rufus T. Firefly, Jr, born Rufus T. Teasdale, was a member of the Firefly family, namely Tiny's older brother and the eldest son of Earl Firefly (The Professor). Rufus was abnormally tall, and often shot down nearby cars so their drivers would have to stop by the Firefly house for help. His mother named him after the Groucho Marx character in the film Duck Soup.

Role in House of 1000 Corpses[]

In House of 1000 Corpses, Rufus is known to own and operate a tow truck. He helps the group of teens tow their car after they blow a tire. Baby explains to Bill that he works for a business. In actuality, he uses his tow truck to remove and hide victims' vehicles after the family abducts them and takes them in the Firefly farmhouse.

He was a fairly minor character and was also shown the least of any family member during the entire film. Mother Firefly(Gloria) stated earlier that Rufus' name was Rufus Firefly, Jr. This could mean that Rufus is not Earl's son and that Gloria may have had an affair or brief fling with a man named Rufus.

In House of 1000 Corpses he was portrayed by Robert Allen Mukes.

Role in The Devil's Rejects[]

His role in The Devil's Rejects was minimal. In the film, Rufus defended the house from police covered in homemade steel body armor along with his family.

In the end of the assault, Rufus fought alone while the others retreated and was shot to death by Wydell and his men.

In The Devil's Rejects he was portrayed by Tyler Mane.


Rufus donned homemade armor and helped defend off the Police brigade wishing to arrest the family outside their home. The result was a shootout between the Firefly Family and the Ruggsville Police Dept. During the gunfight, Rufus was shot numerous times after a tear gas bomb was thrown into the house's living room. He died instantly. The date of his death was May 18th, 1978. Rufus was the first of the Fireflys to perish during The Devil's Rejects.