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Sheriff Wydell shortly before the shootout outside the Firefly farmhouse.

John Quincey Wydell was born in 1930. Little about his life prior to The Devil's Rejects is known, only that he was very close to his brother George.

In The Devil's Rejects, he led a siege on the Firefly house, hoping to arrest the serial killer family that lived inside. After a brutal shootout, he managed to kill Rufus and capture Mother Firefly, but two of the most dangerous members of the family, Otis B. Driftwood and Baby managed to escape, who later reunited with Baby's father, Captain Spaulding.

He interrogated Mother Firefly for whereabouts of her kin, but the family matriatch refused. Instead, she revealed to him that she had killed his brother, Lieutenant George Wydell, taunting him by saying "I felt contrite about blowin' his brains out". Furious, Wydell promised to her that he would kill every member of her family.

He hires movie critic, Marty Walker about the Marxs Brothers, believing that the killers are using alias from their movies.

After hiring two amoral bounty hunters called The Unholy Two to track down the Devil's Rejects, he became witness to the aftermath of the brutal murders of Banjo and Sullivan, a traveling country band.

After a dream about his dead brother telling him to kill the Firefly family, Wydell revisited Mother Firefly again, only this time to stab her to death.

Upon finding out that the escaped killers had taken shelter at a whorehouse, he tracked down the owner, Spaulding's pimp brother Charlie Altamont and told him to keep the family there so he could ambush them.

With the help of the Unholy Two, he managed to capture the Rejects and bring them to their house. Becoming increasingly disturbed, the Sheriff brought them to their basement and tied them to chairs. There, he proceeded to sadistically torture them like they had done to their victims throughout the night. He nailed Otis's hands to his chair, he electrocuted and beat Spaulding with a cattle prod, and he taunted Baby over the death of her mother after stapling a picture of one of her victims to her chest.

After dousing the room with gasoline and leaving Spaulding and Otis to burn, Wydell let Baby escape so he could track her down and kill her. Charlie returned to save his family but Wydell killed him with an axe.

Wydell proceeded to shoot Baby, flog her, and then tried to strangle her to death. It was only the return of Tiny that finally stopped Wydell. The mute giant picked up the Sheriff and snapped his neck, ultimately killing him.



He's a fan of Elvis Presley and he gets angry if anyone talks bad about him.