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The "Black Satans" is a Mexican cartel led by Aquarius, son of Unholy Two member Rondo. Their trademark is red luchador masks, they wear.

Role in 3 From Hell[]

Motel owner Carlos Perro recognized Baby FireflyOtis Driftwood, and Winslow "Foxy" Coltrane as the murderers of Aquarius' father Rondo and promptly called him. For a high payment, Carlos makes sure, that the trio stays at the motel overnight, so their capturing will be easy. The following morning, the Black Satans arrive and begin massacring everyone in the motel. In the ensuing battle, many members of the Black Satans are murdered by the three outlaws. Aquarius manages to take both Baby and Foxy captive, before being subdued by the trio with the help of motel employee Sebastian, who is killed in the process. Aquarius is then set aflame and left to burn to death.